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Seeing you mocked by people is worse than knowing you’ll leave me, because that’s what makes me hurt the most.

Well…. Weird ha? So it’s because of my friends having written a story about our new companion which is in bahasa called “Jomblo Petir”, I’m really excited and going to write it in english. It might be a weird name but I don’t actually care because this my way of writing on my blog (Actually I don’t write a blog a lot, but if I do, it means there are many fun things or important people that bring my life so wonderful ‘cause actually they’re my awesomeness).. Ok don’t bother. Let’s scroll down~

“Jomblo Petir” or What I’ve told you as The Lightning Single was found……(Ok, When was it?) LOL I forgot… Ok fine.. Actually I don’t know. It just happened. According to my friends’ stories that it was found when 4 people did their happy time on the 3rd fl, in one of our college buildings (I guess they also forgot when the exactly time was. LOL). I wasn’t there at that time, but they made it more famous back then. They were:

Novin Herdian

Novin is one of men that you can make him as an inspiration through his story of life (Trust me! You don’t? Ok fine!). I call him as my inspiration, because when the first time I met and interviewed him for being a part of our team at our fav room in college (which is good), I fell in love with his humble ordinary things that he brought to the room. And he still does. He’s really an ordinary man with extraordinary skills. He makes comics a lot and one of them called “Dudul” which he’s planning to make it as research for his final thesis. You guys should buy and read it, because it’s absolutely fresh and fun. He’s good at designing / drawing / flirting at girls (ok that one I guess is yet to come, peace :D). He was born to have a lot of ideas. ALOT! Which makes himself more talented in designing. I believe that someday he will be something and “a person” he always hopes for.

Ria Anggraini
(Can’t believe I laughed while writing her name) Right! She must be a funny girl with a lot of her spontaneous. She calls me a special cobber and I call her as my lovely booster. She can make it something fun become more fun. Indeed she always can. She’s got a lot of ideas like Novin’s and also a lot of voice power (you know what I mean :P). Everything that comes from her seems to be always fun, because she makes it the way she is. She likes drinking a lot and I wonder if she won a drinking competition one day :D, that’s why she’s had a new name called AOS. She hates being disappointed. She thinks people only have three chances to fix and turn themselves into a better person. She’s a good listener, adviser and story teller. One thing I do remember about is her motto (kinda) that “Do Not Try To Provoke Her, Because Her Tiger Will Be Coming Soon”. I’m always surprised by the way she thinks (I don’t ever think like the way she does). And there’s so many stories I would like to write about her, but basically she’s lovely.

Mira Dwi Kurnia
Well, this woman is also special. I never thought I would be this close so far with her. Mijoo that’s what other people call her. There’s nothing I would like to write about because she’s awesome. She likes writing, coding and teaching (I guess) since she became a teacher at Binus Center. She’s powerful that’s what I see her. I remember every single story that she shared (Ria also did). She thinks she can’t do something and I know it always comes when she’s got less confident. But actually she CAN like some things she’s done before. You gotta believe Joo you CAN! And honestly I always feel guilty when I can’t come to her home every time she asks me, but you know joo if you’re reading this, I believe you always know I’ll always try my best to always make it as I’ve promised :). The best thing about her is she always wants to try when she’s down. Best part! Whatever you think you are, we always support you like we always did.

Nela Indah Puspitowati
She’s not even a stranger anymore for me since she became a part of our team. I’ve known her since the first year of school ‘cause we study at the same major (which actually we both think we wrongly entered, no I did) because she’s very doing good at her major, she’s got the highest GPA and what else does she look up to? The first I thought she was a serious person that her whole life would be about studying and reading books hahahaha. But sometimes I got kinda weird about the way she thinks (It might be caused by reading books too much), it’s not wrong but It’s unique I guess. She likes counting, singing, dancing automatically and collecting the cash. The best part of her is the way she talks. I love the way she speaks in Javanese. It sounds perfect. For example saying our radio website “www.radiobudiluhur.com”, it will sound like “tripel dabelyu dddot radio budi luhur dddot kom”. “The Dot” thing becomes so powerful every time she reads it. (Maybe she makes it double “D” on the tongue. Or maybe triple? Or maybe triple times triple? LOL) Who knows? But seriously she always makes it perfect even I’m a javanese can’t make it as perfect as she does. Keep continuing to prevent and maintain your javanese accent :)

Well, that was all about The Lightning Single in the beginning. So why now I am a part of them? How many members does The Lightning single have right now? Here the story goes. Please scroll down the page again.

Reza Rukhullah Omanda
This man….. which part do I have to start writing about him? Ok, Reza is the most manly man (He thinks so). He likes sharing and asking for advice. Sometimes he’s really desperate by the things that could make him say “fuck you” (well he always says it like “pakyu”). He’s addicted to coolness and manly. Knowing his fav word is “C’Mon Man” inspired by the movie called step up. I always like the way he shared his stories. It just feels alive. Once he lost his spirit alive (I don’t know whether he still or not), but when I know he does, I don’t know why there always something tells me that I have to make him happy. And recently I realized that I love him. Love is not what you think, my love for him is like a family, ‘cause he’s already become one.

Marsya Nur Mustika Ramdhon
Olive, that’s what she’s called. (No no it’s not because of her boyfriend named Popeye, but she looks like Olive and I guess she eats spinach too…. I think she’s the popeye hahaha). Yes, the woman who wants her letter name should be “marsYa" not "marsHa" is very good at speaking French. It’s because she went to french school and lived there for years that’s what makes her think liberally. Sometimes I got really really surprised by the thing she reacts. She’s a freely thinker (maybe she’s also a thinkerbell. Lol). She sells credits and everybody always owes to her (yeah includes me). She’s given a motto by others that “When Olive comes, your pocket will soon be broke”. All the best part of her is she talks less do more (I think she consumes clas-mild). That’s what she is.

Rachmatika Dwi Susanti
Me? Do I have to write about my self here? Of course not! I wanna write all the thoughts I think it’s good to be shared and if there are some people who still ask how and why I become a part of The Lightning Single, the answer is simple, it’s because I like being around them very much. They are my family, one of the reason I’m here and smiling. I have so much good time with them, sharing, loving, caring, helping, laughing, making a friendship, crying, understanding and supporting. “It’s all about how you accept the good and the bad times each other, because when you do, it means you will love that person no matter what”.


No matter how bad and good you are, I never offend you physically. Right, you are perfect. Glad to know that
The more I try to lose you, The more I love you

I try to stand everyday apart from your memories. I should’ve read the risk. I thought being a friend with you would make me closer, but I was wrong. It makes me harder to reach you. It’s me who makes myself hurt. It’s all my mistakes.

It’s time for me to move on. Go back to my last faith when everything seems to be fine. Let me choose and decide what’s the best for me although one heart must be hurt. Everything you’ll see it’s just my reflection of healing the pain.

I can’t lie to my self that I’m blast every time I know and hear you are around me, but the faith re-warns me not to be who I was. Let the time speak. I don’t know how long I could stand. But so far, I just know this is the right way to avoid you.

You’re fine and I all misunderstand for everything you’ve done. It’s my mistakes.



Sometimes it hurts me, sometimes I’m grateful. You seem to avoid. What have you realized? Did someone tell you something? You have strong principles that everything is impossible to change it. I can’t bother and force. Your life is such private secrets. Do you know all of the things we’ve been through and you’ve done it hurts me?

You were the greatest sweety chocolate cake with your own cutie candles that God gave me. I still remember the way we met, the way we laughed, the way we talked, the way you ate, the way you woke me up in the morning and the way you said goodnight whenever night called. Now, Everything seems to be gone softly. You made it change first, I’m just continuing. That’s all you want, isn’t it?

If one day I’m more different than today, don’t ever ask why. Sometimes when I’m laughing with my friends, I forget about you. But when you come with your own unique voice, All that I know is I must handle all of the feelings, just to be looked I’m alright. And you don’t know what I’ve been doing at you. You’re the best innocent guy I’ve ever met. You never realize. All you feel is everything’s ok around you. You’re fine when I’m hurt trying to lose my feelings of you.

Every people comes to our lives for a reason, and you are the reason why I love you so much today, but you don’t know this love belongs to you. You will never know……………………………………………………………..




Quote Of The Day


Quote Of The Day

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The eyes don’t speak but the gaze does

Life? What do you think if you hear that word? Adventure? Some advertisements describe life in the different way and explanations. What about me? I’ll show ya what life means for me.

I am the girl who was born in a small family, sometimes mom says it’s a poor family. I don’t care if my mom say my family is poor. I don’t even know which part of my family is poor of? Because I don’t see how much material we have, but how much good heart we have.

My parents gave me a name as Rachmatika Dwi Susanti. Actually, my mom just wanted my name to be only Rachmatika, but my Dad wanted his name to include in his daughter’s name. According to my mom, my name has a biggest meaning. She said, she had been sick for 3 years. She got kidney failure, but when she gave birth to me, her disease was recovered. That’s why my mom gave me a name as Rachmatika because it means blessing to God. My dad put Dwi Susanti because Dwi means two and Susanti is a combination name of both my parents. So, Rachmatika Dwi Susanti means The Second Blessing that is given to my parents.

I grew up as an active child, my mom called it naughty. I climbed til the top of the trees, I ever caught fishes by hands in rill, I played kites and marbles, I rode my bike also, I stole my neighbor’s guava, I did flying fox (made by me), I fought with my friends, I cooked a Fried egg with kerosene. I played baseball, batu tujuh, taplak, karet, volleyball, bekel, congklak, monopolly, remi, gaplek, masak-masakan, but the game which I most like is Baju-bajuan, It’s like building a home. What does home look like? How should I build a home? Who is the character of the people? I always thought it before I played Baju-bajuan because I want my home to be built as comfortable as the people who will live in.

I grew up listening to a boy band called Westlife. At that time my neighbor’s maid introduced me to that boy band, I was like finding my new mate, because It was the first time I liked a man called Bryan McFadden. I listened their songs almost everyday, I remembered all their songs without knowing the meaning. All I knew just I was addicted so much. I keep realizing that they’re amazing. They’re the only idol that can make me cry every time I listen to their songs, imagine and hope when I could meet them. Thanks for giving fabulous 13 years. Westlife is one who gives me a meaning of a dream. What does 8-years-old-girl know about dream when others are busy with her dolls and toys?

In Kindergarten, I was a kid who was well-known because my mom was the teacher in that kindergarten. My mom was afraid of being called mama by me, so she warned me not to call her mama at school, but I kept telling to my friends that the teacher that taught us was my mom. All my friends was shocked and afraid of me because they thought I was a daughter of their teacher, so it would be probably easy for me to do anything. And they decided to be friends with me instead. A little worm made a little change.

In Elementary School, It was the first time I acted like a monkey crushing. I liked my friend called Dikko in the first year. He paid attention back, but it didn’t work long. I always got rank 1 or 2. I was so diligent. I had 5 close friends and each of us had been fought each other. I also had a crush when I was in 6 years. His name was Tanri, He knew I liked him, but he seemed to reject me. I didn’t care a lot at that time, all I knew was a little disappointment, but since then when I was in Senior High School I heard Tanri told to his girlfriend that I was his ex in elementary school. His girlfriend told me directly. How could I be his ex? I didn’t even have anything with him. Don’t let your past regret you someday.

In Junior High, I joined Mading and I was planned to be a leader of Mading, but I rejected it, because I wanted to focus on the third year. But I decided to re-build theater where exactly I was. I had a group called PScB. It was founded in February 14th 2006. They are me, Lanny, Naning and Filla. We re-built theater together til we could show to the teacher that we could. They were proud of us. The right friends will bring you to success.

In Senior High, I had 5 best friends. They are Oneng, Evi, Mega, Ana and Anjar. My fav canteen was Mak Nyak. Her Food was damn delicious. I could simply look who I wanted to be. I wanted to be someone who could reach all dreams. How was the way to reach all those dreams? All I knew at that time was to be an active person. So, I joined Cheerleading Team called C1C. I didn’t even expect to be a leader of my team, but they chose me. And I knew there were so many people who didn’t expect me to be a leader, but it made me more powerful to reach my dreams. Haters don’t really hate you, they’re just jealous and envy because you’re a reflection of what they want to be.

In College, I am now almost a twenty-golden-woman. I’m in the second year, but I haven’t found someone I’ve been looking for. I’m chief and radio Announcer. I chose to be announcer because I think this is where I belong. I love broadcasting. I take course at Wall Street Institute. Now, I’ve got my Diploma from Wall Street. I give a private course as English teacher at my home. I’m a dreamer, but I don’t know when will those dreams become true. I only know I still have those dreams right inside my heart. No matter how long I live I will always keep chasing my dreams. One of my dreams is to have a good relationship between Indonesian with other countries. for example; How people think about African. Most people are more likely to western people than African. My dreams is how to change the view of the people against the Africans. Some people see I am amazing, but they only see the result from what I’ve done, not from what I’ve tried. I’m in my journey to life. Thanks for the greatest support :)



Single doesn’t mean available. Available doesn’t mean free. Free doesn’t mean everywhere.